Monday, August 30, 2010

Create Magic Monday

Hey all-

It is me Fink bringing you Create Magic Monday! I have not done this particular challenge before and hope that I got it right!!!!! I am not sure it is impressive how I create my goodies but I gave it a try!!!!!

I did a box this week to show you all! I guess in a way I created magic by recycling a take out box and using an old tool! I was at a restaurant that had these cool basket type things for their leftover so I recycled it to use as a template!!!! I thought it might be able to fit a 12x12 sheet of paper but it didn't! :( So since this was a problem I did the main area on the paper then with separate paper made the flaps and adhered them to the paper (after it was cut out). I used the take out folder and folded my paper around it to get the right score lines. Please keep in mind this is my first time trying this so it is a little on the rough side. With making this I used the Trick or Treat set!!!! As I was going through the clip art images you will receive, I decided to break out the old sizzlit die I had! I used my Big Shot to cut out the word Boo! Do you have an old tool just laying around wanting to be used like my Halloween die? I am sure the answer is yes!

Let me show you my project (this is the side):

This is the top:

Clip Art Images: Blackleaf, Sizzix: Sizzlit Boo, Googly eyes, Ribbon : Celebrate it, Gem (hat end): E and spider

So I encourage you to recycle even if it is a food container! I hope that I got the idea of this challenge right! Hope you enjoy my project and forgive me for the roughness in it! :)

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  1. Absolutely adorable! Great idea to recycle this cute box and I love the BOO sentiment!
    Rachel B