Monday, November 22, 2010

Fresh Out of the Oven Tuesday

Hi Everyone, it's Divya! Continuing with the holiday trend, I made this digi template for a card. It's perfect for a personalised card with a favourite holiday photo.

For the background, I used the candy striped holiday paper from the Tinsel Town Paper pack.

And the images are from Ginger Bread Stamps set.

I always rely on good old PPT to make my digital layouts and templates. I simply play around with the elements until I'm happy with the layout and then I save the file in the JPG format. I know there are atleast ten better programs and software I could use, but right now I'm content with keeping it simple and working with PPT. But I'll probably try and educate myself about the latest goodies available online. All in good time :)

For now, hope you liked my modest project and hope it inspires you to make one yourself!

Do join us again tomorrow.

Happy crafting!

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