Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fresh out of the Oven Tuesday

Hey, it's me, Divya! I'm back again with another digi project. I made an eInvite of sorts using the Tinsel Town Paper pack. As the holiday season takes us over, making merry, meeting, and eating kind of become a regular affair :-) While handmade invites certainly do have that special charm, one can't rely on snail mail to send out several invites, especially when you decide to have a party - all of a sudden, just like that! (really, holidays do that to us, lol!) eInvites work great for such times. They're quick and save valuable time that could be used to prep the party and yeah, to find the perfect dress ;-)
Here's a handy one that I made, you know, just in case I go all out on the holiday thing and decide to have a party over at my place :-)

The trendy polka dot background is from the Tinsel Town Paper pack and aren't the bells oh-so-merry? I love how the colours are so contemporary, something different from the classic red 'n' green.

So I'm signing off now. Hope you have loads of fun these holidays and don't forget to take some time out to craft!


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