Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday Fun Food & Drink Challenge Winners

Hey Everyone..We have the winners of the Saturday Fun Food & Drink Challenge !
Did I say WINNER "S"...thats more than one ?? YES !
Thats the big surprise this week...we have 3 winners to the Challenge - just a fun way to kick start our first Challenge this year :)

Here they are:

Joni -

Maria Matter -
Melly -

Congratulations Ladies ! Would you please leave me a line at so I could mail you the prize winnings


  1. Congrats Ladies!!!
    I'm sure you'll enjoy the prizes...

  2. Omg!!
    Thank so so so so much hee!!
    Cant believe wee me won!
    Thanks muchly!
    Hugs Melly xxx

  3. Eeek! Thank you so much! Emailing you right away. :) Thank you for making my day!