Friday, February 25, 2011

Cupcake Toppers!

It's been a few since I have posted... have you missed me?!

Rachel here! I wanted to share with you the cupcake toppers I made for my oldest son's birthday party that is coming up WAY too fast!

I made sure to take a picture with the back of the topper showing too. I cut the blue shape out on my silhouette. Can you tell where I got that shape?

I cut out one for the front, and then another for the back. But because I didn't want to be wasteful, I cut one in half and pasted it to the back so it was just enough to cover the stick. Actually, reverse that. I used the half piece for the front because once I put the white layer on over the half piece, you couldn't tell it was just a half and looked smoother! 

(I didn't use a toothpick cause didn't want the sharp point at a four year olds birthday party! I used a coffee stir straw instead that I cut down to size.)

Okay, so back to the blue shape... have you figured out where I got the shape from yet? It is from this set:

I used the wheels! Too cool huh! And the image on the cupcake topper came from this set:

(Just click on the images to find the sets in the Etsy shop!)

Wish me luck, the party is this weekend and there will be A LOT of little kids in one room for the party!

1 comment:

    i love the idea of the coffee stir thoughtfully done..
    i hope the kids have a blast at the party..
    Happiness to the Birthday Boy !